Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keep going

As I said in yesterdays rambling, things have begun to get a bit (totally) overwhelming. I found this poem by someone I have honestly never heard of, but it was quite beautiful and I wanted to share. And yes the "Know" in the title absolutely counts as my A to Z challenge K.

All you Need to Know

Living in a fantasy of yesterday’s dreams,
while hope for tomorrow fades from sight,
caught in the fast pace of earthly scheme,
unable to distinguish the wrong from right.

Misguided perception often leads our way,
in this land dominated by power and greed,
survival is trying to make it through the day,
consumed with want and desire without need.

In the crossroads of life we must choose a path,
decisions made are cast in stone to forever last,
truth and consequences brings unwanted wrath,
for what we did or didn’t do will haunt our past.

We attempt to escape through mindful illusion,
which only brings us short term peace of mind,
life is a struggle caught in unsettled confusion,
each step of the journey we learn from the past.

Life is a spiritual quest of our body and soul,
which takes us wherever the wind will blow,
our trials and tribulations have a price, a toll,
the meaning of love it is all you need to know.

Samuel E. Stone, Copyright© 2012, All Audience 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I read it. It kinds of speaks to me and where I am at in life right now. Terribly sorry for the "poetry cop-out" but the business of today made it very difficult to sit and formulate a personal post. Though I am hoping to post an original poem sometime during this whole challenge thing. I have sat down to write and been blocked by the goings on. It will come when it wants, that is just the way of it.  If you have commented and I haven't been by I apologize, I am swamped, I will make it to comment and follow you as soon as I have a little free time! Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and encouragement, it is truly keeping me going!!!!


  1. Keep going is a powerful message! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month from

  2. That was an inspiring poem, it could really speak to anyone in this day and age. Find time for you and the writing will come, you first. The biggest thing I struggle with in my life is balance. GREAT BIG {Hugs}.


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