Saturday, September 3, 2011


They are happening all around me. I apologize for the length of my blog absence, we tried a new medication and it knocked me for a loop. My hands were swollen and the joints in my fingers were very mean and hurty. I was hardly able to make it to work even without feeling worn out and lethargic, which I guess could also be attributed to the iron-deficiency Anemia, I really really hate my body sometimes, would anyone like to trade me for a few days? Anyway, I stopped the new medicine, and am now on iron supplements which seem to be helping with the "so tired I can't even form a coherent thought" feeling I have been having the past three weeks. We changed the dose of one of my other new meds, and now my hands only feel swelly in the morning and it seems to pass fairly quickly. Typing was a bit difficult, but I have missed my blog, it is my outlet, it is like a friend that I miss if I am gone too long. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not complaining, life is good. It can be difficult sometimes but I am so grateful for what I have.


Michigan is in full transition, from summer to my absolute no holds barred favorite time of year, Fall. Oh I love fall, the smells, the baking, the beautiful colors that take over the trees. I love sweatshirt weather, and comfy-cozy clothes, thick soft socks, fleece, and having a fire in the fireplace. This time of year is balm to my soul.

I can't wait to take Lala out for walks, kicking the crunchy fallen leaves as we go. I love the smell of burning leaves, and apple cinnamon in my warmers. I have already started filling my house with the smells of fall. I have even been known to go home light my candle warmer with a fresh scent tart, close the curtains, bust out the crafty stuff or the coloring books, and pretend it's a windy fall day. :-) My favorite scent tart right now is cinnamon sugar (holy cow my house smells amazing!). Oh yeah I am so ready for the slight chill in the air. Visiting cider mills, and taking hayrides with hot apple cider and doughnuts, yummy!!!

I pulled my fall and Halloween decorations out the other day and started airing them, letting them shake off being in a box for a year, and wouldn't you know it the very next day was 94 friggin degrees. What the hell, where did my fall weather go. My crisp breezes at night, my slightly overcast days, my favorite season is a flipping tease! It has been 90 or so degrees for the past three days, and I have to tell you, it sucks!!! They say that the fall weather will be back Monday, I'll believe it when I see it.  Michigan is nothing if not tricksy when it comes to the weather, she is a notorious jokester and fools our idiot weather men/women constantly, so really you never know what tomorrow will bring. That is all fine and good, I enjoy a good surprise, as long as it doesn't include walking outside and having insta-sweat, and the rubber of my tennis shoes melting to the asphalt, no fun. Haven't even been able to take Lala to the park the past few days which is a complete bummer. I love taking her, especially knowing that the time for going to the park grows shorter and shorter every day. Again Michigan is a fickle bitch and while today was 94, tomorrow could very well be 30 below with 14 feet of snow. You just never know around here. 


I hate moving! I mean really, it is tedious, and time consuming, and back breaking. I don't really mind the packing part, it gives me a reason to go through all of my stuff, pitch what I know I have been holding on to for ridiculous reasons, and to find things I have not seen in some time and take a little trip through my memories. Packing is fun. Unpacking is total crap. When you move in with someone else there is inevitable chaos in the beginning as you find places for all of the new stuff being added to the house. Chaos as your personalities and the different views on how the house should be run and cared for come together, and clash a bit before compromise is reached. Someone always concedes just a bit more than the other, that's just the way it is. It's working out the things that you can live with and the things that will drive you insane eventually if they are not taken care of, it is a process. I am smack dab in the middle of that process. First let me reiterate, I do not thrive in chaos, if my home is cluttered and in disarray, so is my mind. So during a move I am usually struck with slightly way more panic/anxiety attacks than are the norm for me on a regular basis. This breeds tension, tension leads to me closing down and becoming very introverted. I have never really been a "share with the group" type of person. I deal with my issues in my own way, in my own time, and that doesn't always work when you are in a relationship. Who knew?!? Apparently communication is pretty important in a relationship. Perhaps that is why all of my previous ones failed.............nah. They were blind and couldn't see what a goddess they had *Chokes*, they just didn't deserve me. At least that's my story.

So any-who, I am rambling, sorry, I have just missed this a great deal. Things are good. Things will calm down in time and life will resume it's normal routine. Until then I will cope with the chaos as best I can, maybe I can get my doc to give me some tranquilizers to help (kidding).

So my friends, I know I have been gone a while, and I truly do apologize. If any of you are actually still reading, I love you!! How do you prepare for fall and the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays? Do you have any special traditions you would like to share? I would love to hear them. Happy almost fall!!!

Looking forward to calmer days,


  1. I hope you aren't feeling too swelly anymore.
    Transitions are always stressful... but necessary.
    Good to have you back :)

  2. Yay! You're, swelly and panicky. Hope things start to even out for you. Moving sucks. That being said, good for you, lots of transitions for you and LaLa. Happy for you. I am the opposite, I HATE packing, love unpacking. But I have a love affair with organization, okay its a sickness really.

    I'm with you, love, love, love fall. My favorite season! "Balm to my soul", like it!

  3. @Pepper - Not too swelly anymore, only for the first hour or so after I wake up, it's manageable now, and seems to get better as the medicine passes out of my system. Thank you!

    @Cari - Seriously this whole separated at birth thing is getting more and more plausible. I am a freak about organization (not that you could tell it to look at my house), I am a "everything has a place, put it back in it's place or I will cut your fingers off" type of person. Lol I like how everything looks when it's all organized and decluttered, not to mention it is so much easier to find things. Hope things are going well chic!!


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