Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday WTF's

Oh Wednesday, why do you taunt me.

Wednesdays are different from the rest of the week. Wednesday is my Friday, which of course makes it go by at a snails pace. The real difference though is that Wednesdays Lala goes and spends the day with my mom while I work. Lala is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a morning person. This will I am sure bite me in the butt huge when school time rolls around. Anyway back to mornings with my crabtastic toddler. Waking her up is like playing Russian Roulette, you never really know what will happen. You may get lucky, she may pop up and say the beloved phrase, "Hi Momma", but more often than not she doesn't pop up, and she most certainly doesn't say anything resembling Hi.


Our Wednesday mornings generally go like this:

Me: (In a happy sing songy voice) Good Morning Baby Girl....

Lala: *Rolls over, grabs her blanket and nestles in for more sleep*

Me: (Again) Good Morning Lala......

Lala: *Incoherent mumbling followed by some hand waving and shaking of little red haired head)

Me: (Seriously this could go on forever) Good Morning.......(please note the lack of nickname, at this point 15 minutes have passed and we now have 5 to get out of the house or I will be late for work, again, frustration abounds)

I have been rubbing her back, pushing her hair from her forehead, and trying to gently wake her. Obviously this is not going to work. Time to switch tactics. Lala has a complete, kind of obsessive attachment to her Tinker Bell blanket, and her huge Elmo. So next I take both out of the bed. She raise up on hands and knees and blindly (she still won't open her eyes) feels around for her blankie. When she doesn't find it, the shit hits the fan. Cue the beginning of the wailing siren that will last until I manage to wrestle her into a fresh diaper and some clothes, and she realizes that we are going bye bye.

Fast forward an hour (that's how long it takes me to get to work from where I live, winter's going to be a biatch) she has calmed and is sitting in her seat with some breakfast and milk. All is well.........right up until they come to pick her up (they meet me at work so I don't have to drive out of my way, nice right?).  She is all jazzed to see Uncle "Bo, or Jenks, whoever comes to get her, until she realizes that Mommy isn't going with her. Cue the second siren session. I have never been so happy to get to work in all of my life.


I drive to my parents house for lunch to see my girl and give my family a little break. I get to the house and guess who is passed out cold.....yep, you guessed it, Lala. She, again, sleeps through my entire lunch hour. Want to know why? I forgot to take my laptop home with me. This may sound strange, in fact I am sure it will, if I take my laptop home for lunch she never sleeps while I'm there. If I don't she will sleep the entire time I am home. It is a bit skewed and bass-akwards but that is just the way it is. The kid has radar, I swear she knows when I bring my computer home to do work or get my email cleaned out, or goodness forbid blog a bit.

Lunch is over, and I am sitting at work, missing my chicka. For the record, I was late for work this morning, and then somehow, with no ones help but my own this time, late again coming back from lunch. I am kind of amazed that my boss hasn't canned my behind yet, I mean I think I would probably fire me, lol. Then again that probably explains why I am willing to drive an hour to work when gas is almost $4 a gallon.

This post really didn't have a point to be honest, but I went too long without posting and am either rusty at it, or quite possibly on the losing end of a psychotic break. you think there is a winning end of a psychotic break? Breakdowns aside, I just really missed talking to all of my lovelies, all two of you. :-D And wanted to share how fabulous my morning was, hehe. I moan and groan but I have a wonderful, very understanding boss (for like the first time ever), and while my child has developed a very strong opinion on what she does and doesn't want to do, I seriously crack up almost the entire time she is having a fit. She is just so little and cute, makes it kind of hard to take her serious you know. I imagine that will begin to piss her off for real at some point, years and years from now, until then I will continue to have a little snicker when after telling her One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy-Five and a Half times to get the hell (not in those words, no angry emails please) off the table, she slides down and gets stuck (not painfully, that is never funny) between it and the couch. Oh the frustration is hilarious.

Looks a bit like this, this is the "Why can't I have my way" face.

More and more often now though she is learning to use words to express her frustration, rather than slapping something out of my hand ( friggin times I tell ya), she now is more apt to shake her head no when she doesn't want what i am giving her. She has learned to say please (the word and the sign, I'm so proud) and point if what she wants something too high for her to reach. It doesn't mean she always gets whatever it is she wants, that is obviously still a work in progress. Lala believes that if she says please it is a given that she will get what she wants. Most times it is my phone, or the computer (hell no!!), or some other something she has no business playing with.

Teaching her that "No" isn't the end of the world is challenging, but I like to think we are making some progress, even if it's miniscule. With the "terrible two's" right around the corner (or in my opinion already in motion) it has become even more important to me to teach her things like hitting the dog because you are frustrated that Mommy said no is absolutely unacceptable behavior. That particular incident only happened once, several months ago, but I was in shock when it happened. I truly believe it was because to the pup's misfortune of being the closest thing to her when it happened. That was also the first and only time she has been in time out. I know every kid is different, and I am by far not an expert by anyone's standards, but I can tell you that my child, my not even 2 year old Lala has never really done anything that would cause me to have to put her in time out. Except that one time of course.

When she is frustrated and throwing fits, it generally means she is overstimulated, bored, tired, hungry, thirsty, teething, or any number of other things that aren't her fault. Don't get me wrong, this girl.....

Has a temper to go with all of her gorgeous red curls. Don't let the innocent look fool you, 3 seconds after I took this picture I pulled her off of this big thing, she had been climbing it all day despite my many protests and trying ineffectively to block the stupid ladder, and it was all out war. She wigged out for at least a good hour. Nothing calmed her, not even my phone, every so often she would pick herself up from where she was laying (she threw herself on the ground, for dramatic effect I'm sure) and try to head back over for another climb. Then the process would begin anew, it was trying, but absolutely hilarious. I don't know about you but watching my 22 month old little try to "run the show" and staging protests, please direct your attention to the picture below for a small demonstration, kills me.

This is towards the end of a protest, she is beginning to realize it isn't working, lmao!
So wow this post kind of got all crazy and long and not even close to what I was originally intending to post about. That's what's great about writing, if you just let it come, most times it is effortless. Which reminds me, I am also working on the rest of my Story, I posted the beginning a while ago, and really truly every time I came back to it, I just couldn't find the right words. Nothing seemed to fit in with the emotion and development of my two characters. I think I am ready to go back to it though, so hopefully very soon I will be finishing it up, or at the very least adding the second "chapter" to a story that, while it is difficult for me to write, has been pushing at me to write it, banging around in my head until it finally beat me into submission. So if you are interested go over and read the first part, leave me some critiques, and part two will be hitting the blogosphere very soon. :-)

That is all for me today, yes I know what you're thinking......Finally! I didn't think she would ever shut up. Haha I hope you all are having an absolutely wonderful week, and that your weekend comes fast!

Heading home to see my Lala :-D

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  1. She's such a cutie, Angel. And yes, more than likely, when she's older, you'll still be snickering when they throw a tantrum. And they don't like it one bit! Eh. An hour to work? Well I say an hour to a job you love, than 10 minutes to one you hate! Good for you. Yeah, winter's gonna suck. Think pretty thoughts:) I do a lot of commuting and actually the snow really didn't make much of a difference to be honest. TGI..W? :)


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