Friday, January 14, 2011

What does this new year mean to you.............

It is 10 days into the new year and my head has been spinning with ideas and wishes to improve my life in this new year. There are a few things that I had promised myself a while ago, and the whole resolution thing seemed like a good motivator. I kicked myself in gear, started exercising, started Atkins, started feeling better.....and then......Isn't there always an "and then"? Do you ever wonder why that is? I wonder sometimes if Murphy has taken up permanent residence in my back pocket. Why is it that you take 2 steps forward, and despite your best intentions and efforts, you still end up taking 5 steps back?? Anyway, back to the and then, I apparently aggravated an old knee injury. I have to take a break from my workouts, and though they are tough and I about die every time I do them, I am incredibly bummed to be missing my workouts. I have that sore, tight feeling in my abs. Proving to myself that I do in fact have abs muscles, and just because I haven't seen them in, well however long, doesn't mean they aren't there. Imagine my surprise. :-) So the quest to find my waist has been temporarily put on hold. The doctor said he thinks I hyper-extended it and should take it easy for about two weeks. No good, I really don't want to lose the little bit of progress I have made. I am on day 5 of the Atkins Diet plan, and doing pretty well with it. This is my second for real attempt at it. The first time was rough at first, the cravings were terrible. Once I got into it though I lost some weight and looked fantastic...........then I got pregnant. Figures, lol. So this is take two. I have even more weight to lose this go round, and less time to actually prepare meals, good times. I am staying optimistic though, the cravings aren't quite so bad this time, thank goodness, though my brother waving(literally) chocolate chip cookies under my nose doesn't help. So that's where I am at, my waist is yet undiscovered, but I am getting closer.  :-)

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  1. oh, such a bummer about your injury! i hope it heals quickly for you! well done for getting started though... maybe you could think about giving swimming a try? and keep it low impact?? just a thought. :)


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