Friday, January 7, 2011

30 Day Shred Day 2

First I would like to say, I know in my absence I have lost a few followers and though that saddens me greatly I can not apologize for the length of my absence. With so many things going on all at once it was just not feasible to sit down and blog. I will be making a concerted effort to not let this happen again, but family is most important in life and taking care of them trumps all. I know that most of you, having families and stresses of your own, can more than understand when there is need to step back and put your focus elsewhere. For all of those who have stuck with me, I truly appreciate it, and wish you all a very Happy New Year with all of the blessings and happiness in the world. Now back to my reason for this post. I am on an mission, and I must say it is about time. I have yet to decide whether I should begin a whole separate blog for this journey, but the fact is, I am hard pressed to manage just the one. And this journey does in some ways pertain to me being a mom, and my journey to find and define myself as not only a mom but also a woman. So....I have begun an intensive diet and workout routine, one that I feel so good about I am fairly bursting. This is how I feel on day two.

My customized workouts on Jillian's site won't actually begin until tomorrow, I guess that tells me I should have been on her site three days ago, but hey at least I am on my way. I did level 1 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred workout, and I have to say, she is tough. I haven't sweat like that in a long time. I am sore in places I wasn't aware could be sore, but at the same time I feel wonderful. My abs are sore, but they have a tightness to them that I can feel. Not on the outside, the pouchy belly is still there(for now), but I feel it inside. They are tighter than before, it is honestly an amazing feeling. I am looking forward to tomorrows workout, I want a flat tummy again. Which is something I had given up hope of ever having again after having my daughter. I don't know where this new found motivation and desire to better myself has come from but I like it, and will do whatever I can to keep it. Maybe turning thirty and realizing I hated the way my body looked lit this fire, but I am on a quest, to find myself again, and finding my waist is definitely  a part of that. I am doing Atkins again, which was very successful when I did it before. Coupled with this new workout plan I am very excited to begin to see the results I have been craving for so long. It is time for me to find the ME in MommiE, I am a mom but I can also be a beautiful, thin woman!!

I invite you all to take this journey with me, through my triumphs and the inevitable tears on the days I just can't imagine going any further. I have eliminated Coca Cola from my diet(because Atkins is very strict). I will be the first to admit I am terribly addicted to caffeine, majorly, and not just caffeine. I love the taste of Coke, the carbonation, the burn first thing in the morning when you have your first pop of the day. I truly believe that giving this one seemingly small thing up will be the hardest part for me, it will test the level of my devotion to this new body I am striving toward, every day it will be a battle. One I hope to win every time. I know that I have few readers left, if any, but I hope that if there are any of you willing to forgive my lengthy time away, that you will be there with encouragement and maybe to slap(figuratively of course) the bottle of pop out of my hand and remind me what that one small sip would do, I think we all know it wouldn't stop at a sip, lol, it just gets easier to cheat if you give in and let yourself, even once. So hopefully I will be talking to you, and catching up on all of the happenings on your blogs soon. Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend!!!!

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