Friday, December 3, 2010

My cousin is my hero

My cousins were involved in a terrible fire night before last. They are both badly burned. My 16 year old cousin Doug is a hero. I am in awe of his courage. He was burned because he went back into the house, after he had made it out, to drag his unconscious sister out of the house. It is heartbreaking that these young people have to go through what the healing process is going to entail, and also the mental and emotional repercussions of the fire and losing everything. Words can not even begin to express not only the love I have for them but also the pride for being such amazingly strong people. The link below is a website that my family has set up to help them out, they are taking donations of all kinds, clothes, coats, shoes, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated, even if it is only prayers to help get them through this difficult time. The house burned to the ground, even taking their car, they lost everything. I can't even imagine what they must be going through. Thank you all for any help you can offer, it is greatly appreciated!!


Help Wil

Kimberly (13 years old) is in critical condition with severe burns on her arms and back. She is going into her first surgery tomorrow morning. Everything was lost in the fire. The family is taking donations of clothes, shoes, jackets, money or anything anyone can do to help. Please see the bottom of this page for information and please keep them in your prayers.

Shirt Size – X-Small Jr.
Pant Size- 8 girls
Shoe Size- 11

Doug (17 years old) is an absolute HERO! He suffered severe burns on his hands and back and some of his clothes were actually burned off his body in places. The reason he has burns is because his sister Kimberly passed out from smoke inhalation and he busted out the window and went BACK in the burning house after her. He is also heading to his first surgery in the morning.

Shirt Size – Mens Large
Pant Size- 30×34
Shoe Size- 13 mens

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