Friday, September 10, 2010

The newest blog I stalk

I found an amazing new blog to follow. It is written by a very well spoken woman who manages to bring a sense of humor to a subject that in reality is none too funny. Morons!!!  I think I can speak for most of the women I know, that we have all at one time or another been taken in by deceptive charm of a moron. I for one have had several run ins with these idiots, I am apparently a glutton for punishment, though I never thought so at the time. Suzie Q writes about her experiences losing herself to her moron, getting away from him, and how she is healing from her time with him. It is absolutely worth a read. Please stop by her blog at I Married A Moron - And Survived! and leave her some love. Have a great weekend all!!!!

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  1. WOW, thank you so much for this amazing shout out :) I feel like I should say a little speech, do a list of thank yous or something... and I got nothing. So thank you will have to suffice :) Seriously, I appreciate it, and if you can relate then I am doing well, and it also means we have a lot more work to do to make this world a De-Moron-ized Zone :)


I love the opportunity to get to know my readers, always looking for new blogs to stalk too! ;-) Leave a comment,or send me an email at and tell me what you think Be sure and leave a link to your site as well so I can come and return the favor!! Happy reading!


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