Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby Book Bias

Update: A very good friend of mine emailed me this link once she read the post. Apparently I just didn't look hard enough. Here it is for anyone who may be interested, or know anyone who may want this type of thing. I will be ordering one for Baby Girl very soon!

I have been working on getting Baby Girl's baby book filled out (better late than never, right?). As I flip through the pages I am getting more and more irritated. Why isn't there a baby book for single moms, that don't include all of the daddy crap. Or even a single dad one without the mommy stuff. My brother was a single parent(until he got married) and has had full custody of his son for probably the last seven years, my nephew is nine now. 

I know that the "daddy conversation" is inevitable, but does it really have to be thrown in her face?! I mean seriously why should she have to have a constant reminder, why should SHE have to be the one to feel bad because her sperm donor turned out to be a total jackass? She shouldn't. So maybe I will take on a new venture. I think people would be interested. I mean if they are like me, my sperm donor has never even bothered to meet his daughter, so really it is absolutely pointless for me to have "daddy pages". They will never get used. Maybe I can make single parent baby books. Of course that requires time and money, so maybe not. But someone should. They would be a commodity I think.
                     What do you think?


  1. Maybe you've found a niche that needs
    Beautiful blog
    Thanks for responding to the Facebook linkup on the frog

  2. That's great! I had starred this post to comment on before your update... and was going to say that that's a great idea! You should make one and market it! ;) But I guess it's already out there. Cool! :) Not sure if you saw it or not, but I have a single mom posting on the memos today as a part of the Moms Who Work series. She writes 4 Ways to Thrive as a Single Mom. I love it! :)
    Hope you're having an awesome day!


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