Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I haven't had the opportunity to get on the past few days, baby girl hasn't been feeling well. She woke up with a cold the other morning. I know all you parents out there can relate to how how much time a sick 7 month old takes. I feel terrible that she feels yucky. :-( I wish there was something I could do. 

So here is some randomness from my week so far. I was on my way to work on Monday, and apparently the huge storm we had Sunday night flooded out the road to the point that they set up a detour, traffic was backed up for miles. It was total suck. As I am idling in traffic waiting to move the next millimeter forward, I look out at all of the workers cleaning the water and it hits me, where the heck did all of the cute construction workers go???  I mean seriously, I remember the days when you could drive by road construction and at least see one or two completely tan workers, with beautiful bodies. You know, something to give you a little smile and a nice dream later. Not anymore, at least not anywhere near me. Now all I see is heavyset middle-aged men, with their guts hanging out and their belts holding their pants up just enough to not show the full behind monty, ugh. So gross! So where have all of the hot construction guys gone, if you find them can you direct them my way please??

As for home, I have been working on getting the laundry put away for seriously three days now. I am honestly beginning to doubt I am ever going to get it put away. Every time I get going on it, something happens. If it's not baby girl deciding that a 15 minute nap instead of 45 is sufficient today, then it is my boss calling hollering about how so and so's insurance didn't pay. So over the past few days of stopping and starting my room looks like a laundry bomb went off. I am not the kind of person that functions well when my room is in chaos. It is like a landslide though, if I fall at all behind on the housework it is like a landslide that just keeps getting worse. Then I get overwhelmed and mostly just want to throw everything away and start from scratch. Wow, that sounds so appealing right now. 

On a side note Sunday night marked the 2nd season premiere of a show I have somehow become addicted to. 

Drop Dead Diva

The title kind of put me off at first, I am generally not a girly girl. I prefer action and crime shows. The CSI's and Criminal Minds are probably my two favorites. The night that Drop Dead Diva premiered there happened to be absolutely nothing on tv. I decided I would leave it on for noise and by mid-way through the show, without realizing it, I was totally engrossed. For those that have never watched the show, it is on Lifetime, it is about a 20-something beautiful model Deb who dies on the way to an audition and comes back in the body of a heavier set 30-ish Lawyer named Jane who is wound seriously tight. It goes through her new life as Jane, and how she handles working with "Deb's" boyfriend at the law firm, and just the difficulties of living someone else's life. It is a show with great humor and a heart. I love it!!!

Sorry this got so long, that will teach me to go days without getting on. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


  1. ur daughter sure is adorable. I am stopping by from MBC. I wanted to follow ur blog but cundnt see the follow sign. But i am gonna be back for more
    Plz do visit me

  2. Hey there! I am here from MBC! You have a new follower! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  3. I'm now following from MBC! Your little girl is so adorable by the way!


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