Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Quest

I really enjoy this poem, I feel like life is a quest. An ever changing, sometimes hard and steep, sometimes smooth and easy. Speaking for myself, my quest is knowledge, stability, and to be the best parent I can be. I truly hope my need for these things never diminishes, that though the journey can sometimes be rough, the lessons learned are invaluable. I hope I never stop growing as a person or a parent, there is always something to learn, always a better way of doing things, and always someone who knows it better than you to ask for advice. :-) 
 The Quest by Aleister Crowley
A part, immutable, unseen,
Being, before itself had been,
Became. Like dew a triple queen
Shone as the void uncovered:
The silence of deep height was drawn
A veil across the silver dawn
On holy wings that hovered.

The music of three thoughts became
The beauty, that is one white flame,
The justice that surpasses shame,
The victory, the splendour,
The sacred fountain that is whirled
From depths beyond that older world
A new world to engender.

The kingdom is extended. Night
Dwells, and I contemplate the sight
That is not seeing, but the light
That secretly is kindled,
Though oft-time its most holy fire
Lacks oil, whene'er my own Desire
Before desire has dwindled.

I see the thin web binding me
With thirteen cords of unity
Toward the calm centre of the sea.
(O thou supernal mother!)
The triple light my path divides
To twain and fifty sudden sides
Each perfect as each other.

Now backwards, inwards still my mind
Must track the intangible and blind,
And seeking, shall securely find
Hidden in secret places
Fresh feasts for every soul that strives,
New life for many mystic lives,
And strange new forms and faces.

My mind still searches, and attains
By many days and many pains
To That which Is and Was and reigns
Shadowed in four and ten;
And loses self in sacred lands,
And cries and quickens, and understands
Beyond the first Amen. 
I truly am trying to get caught up with the A to Z challenge. My baby girl has been fighting a bad cold for the past week and it has made it very hard to have time to post. I am not quitting, I promise!!!

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  1. Lovely. I think you've chosen some wonderful poetry for this challenge. Nicely done. A friend of mine said I should blog 'wines' {not whines} A-Z! Think I'll start early, wanna help?


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