Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Friends are Hotter than your Friends

Ok, I guess I don't know that like 100%, because, well, I've never met your friends. But I know mine are the best. There were a lot of things I could have blogged about today: Friday, falling behind (because I so am), or following through (because I completely intend to). Honestly though, I could think of no better word for today than Friend. Most of the ones I will mention are the greatest friends I have never met. People I have met in the blogosphere who are absolutely fantastic people. People you want in your corner, need in your corner, and who you want to be those things for too. So here are my friends, my peeps (yep I went there), my partners in crime. Some are new, some I've been talking to for quite some time, but they all have something very special. Here are the best people I've never met:

Momma's that make my day:

Cari - Bubble Gum on my Shoe

This chick rocks! I mean seriously, she is funny, she is kind, and she always responds when I send her a whiny email because I apparently don't have anyone to talk to. Thanks Cari, you have no idea how much I appreciate you. Her blog is not only on my Google homepage but I also get emails when she updates (I have a patience problem, or perhaps I'm a stalker..shh don't tell anyone). Her post never fail to inspire, make me smile, or usually laugh, hard, while I'm at work. Generally though, all of the above. She is a single Momma with two beautiful kids. Her blog is my favorite, and one that even if I haven't gotten an email I will check Google anyway just to be sure. It's that good! And did I mention she's HOT!!!

Christina - Solitary Mama

Like Cari, this chick totally rocks. She has snark-tasm down to a fine science. Don't believe me, read this. Don't worry, I'll wait. (Jeopardy music playing) See I told you so. She is one of the most real, blunt, could give a crap less what you think (which is as it should be) people I have ever had the good fortune of "knowing". Her posts are hilarious, her anti-blogger series is my favorite series I've read since I started blogging. And Stupid List Friday takes a close second. Check them out or miss out on some of the funniest shit you will ever read. Warning: If you lack a sense of humor, or otherwise can't take a joke for what it is, this blog may not be for you, just saying. Though I've heard you can buy a sense of humor at Meijer for $1.99 - Worthy investment.

Sue - Sue's Nutrition Buzz 

I haven't known Sue for as long as the other two ladies above but I can tell you she is amazing!! I mean you just don't meet people like her anymore. My girl got the flu about a month ago. It was wicked vicious, she wouldn't eat, or drink, and basically all she did was lay around for about a week. We took her too the doc, and was told that pretty much all we could do was keep her hydrated. It is rough to watch your baby be sick and not be able to do anything about it. By day four of her laying around and being lethargic, I remembered that I had a huge resource right at my finger tips that I hadn't even thought of. I sent the call out on Twitter for help. Thanks to Solitary Mama, I was shortly in contact with Sue who, if you couldn't tell by the name of her blog, knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition. If you have ever tried to give your kid pedialyte (sp?) you know it pretty much tastes like butt, but I didn't want to keep giving her gatorade, way too much sugar. Sue gave me some great suggestions, and then wrote a post on how to make yummy pedialyte pops. I made them, chicka loved them, and a few days later, to my surprise Sue took time out of a trip she was on to message me and check in on Lala. It blew me away! She gave me her email for if I ever needed her (so great), and then just last week asked again how Lala was doing. I don't know many people in my real life that are as dedicated as that.

If there were more people in this world like the three ladies above, I think we would live in a better place. Now not to be left out, there are some Daddies I stalk follow fairly regularly, though I don't chat with them as much they are all very unique.

Beard and Pigtails

Here we have a shining example of a daddy doing it right. Beard is down to earth, has for sure one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen, and he posts on a wide range of things. From the outings they have, to the DIY projects he has going on. It's always fun, and most often humorous, especially the pigtailisms. :-) She is a funny, spunky little girl, and I love his blog (even if he only gives her a quarter for allowance, yeesh).

How to be a Dad

These to guys, Charlie and Andy, are quite possibly the two funniest Dad's on the planet, or at least on the net. Their diagrams, pure awesome sauce. Lets just say reading their blog at work may not be a great idea (besides you're supposed to be working). I crack up every time I read a post, and now they have a YouTube channel! My two favorites of theirs would have to be the "My wife just said" posts, and the diagram posts, both are epic. If you don't know who these guys are, you are missing out.

Those are my top five daily reads, not to say they are the only daily reads, but I really wanted to share them! They are great! Who are your must reads? Do you have any blogs that make you laugh so hard they are dangerous at work...please share. 

P.S.There are so many others I would love to put in here, but as it has taken all day to write this and I am very tired (one of my eyes is literally closed at the moment) they will have to wait for another day. Hope you all have a beautiful Easter. See you again tomorrow for G of the A to Z Challenge!!!!  



  1. What a coincidence! You're one of my hottest friends too! I am truly a lucky chick to be included in this group. Thank you so very much, Angel. Also, I'm going to have to remember you can buy a sense of humor at Meijer for $1.99. That's a frickin steal for sure....

    Love ya (and you're killin the A to Z btw)

  2. Omgee! You are so sweet and you make me sound hella fabulous. It has been such an amazing blessing to get to know you. Not only has my blog been such a source of catharsis, I have made some amazing life-long friends, like you, Sue and Christina. No doubt we'll meet in real life one day, and we should probably provide a fair amount of warning for innocent bystanders. Thanks for being such a great friend, doll.

    You are such a good Mama, truly inspiring, and one of my favorite blogs too. I am so glad you jumped on A-Z, like Christina said, you are killin' it. Seriously. Unreal. You are definitely born to write.

    You can stalk me anytime baby! And you are equally smokin' hot! {hugs}

  3. Thank you ladies! I feel honored to know you both!! You both inspired me to do this challenge and I am so glad! It is making me hold myself accountable, and really pushing me to write, I love to write and this challenge has been...well challenging but so much fun!!!

  4. Hi, kinda late on the comment. My spring break vacation spot had horrible internet acess. You made my day with your kind comments !! Makes me feel like my nutritiony blog is not so bad after all. See I secretly long to blog real life like you gals do ;) Please ping me anytime with any question anytime!! Love your blog and your button is absalutely adorable!Look forward to getting to know you better :) Love

  5. I feel so lucky to know all of you via Twitter... How the hellz did I fall in with such a fab crowd? Angel, you are 100% correct on everything you said about the folks listed herein. Which makes me think you must be pretty swell yourself! Looking forward to getting to know all of you more.

    Andi-Roo /// @theworld4realz


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