Saturday, April 7, 2012


First I would like to say, this is my 100th post!! Woot Woot!!

When I was young someone told me that I was destined to "do great things". At the time I didn't really understand. I was young enough that greatness generally meant fame or money, or both. I was old enough though to understand that greatness was an amazing thing, but I didn't fully understand why this person would think I was to do great things. Growing up I never thought much of myself, it was/is something I still struggle with. I don't look in the mirror and think "Oh my, you are stunning", I don't wake up and think "today I will change the world. Usually my first thought in the morning is the same thought I had almost my entire childhood, "just five more minutes" right before I close my eyes and sleep for another ten. :-)

As I have grown, matured, had a child, the meaning of greatness has taken a more solid definition in my mind. Greatness has nothing to do with fame or fortune, it has nothing to do with inventing "the next big thing". Greatness is simple, and we all have the potential for greatness. Greatness to me is having a profound effect on another person or thing. Positively affecting that person, or taking an active role in a cause, no matter if you have money or just time to give. My daughter is, in my eyes, not only destined for greatness she has already achieved it. She has changed my life in so many ways, all for the better, and all extremely profound. I learn about myself everyday I spend with her. The more she grows, the more I grow. She makes me want to be a better person. She gave me the courage to follow my dream, a dream that will undoubtedly lead me to greatness. Not major, headline greatness, but greatness all the same. What I am currently studying, and the techniques I have chosen to specialize in are very specific. The main is to help people, I want to help them so that they can heal themselves, but my specialty will be helping people who live and deal with constant debilitating pain as I have watched my mother suffer for so many years. The kind of pain that keeps you from getting out of bed in the morning, the kind that drives you to depression or worse, the kind that the doctor either tells you it's all in your head (personal experience) or gives you so many pills, with so many side effects that you then have to take more pills to counteract them. That is no way to live.

I plan on volunteering some of my time, once I graduate and have gone through the Oncology massage program, to cancer patients going through Chemo and Radiation. This will be my greatness. Giving of myself, giving of my time, and giving of my heart to help these people lead a happier more pain free life. I have every intention on opening my own Holistic center for better health. I want to offer an alternative to "traditional" medicine. There is a time and place for "traditional" medicine, I truly believe that, I can not mend a broken bone. But I also know that there is a growing place for Homeopathy and Holistic living, and that will be my greatness, that will hopefully be the legacy I leave.

How about you? What is your greatness, big or small? How do you feel about Holistics and Homeopathy? Would you be open to trying an herbal approach rather than just accepting a prescription? I would love to hear your opinions!


  1. This is a beautiful, inspiring post. I love what you have to say about how your daughter has changed your life for the better (I feel the same about my daughter, and she's now 24), and I admire your desire and willingness to give. That is greatness indeed, and it is that kind of greatness that does change the world.

  2. So inspiring. On a roll, I see;) I believe greatness is this: something small we give of ourselves that means something Huge, enormous, changing for someone else. That is how we achieve greatness. I think I have achieved that in my life already as well as been a receiver of it. This will make you a wonderful holistic professional.

    I feel slighted by Western medicine. I don't trust it, at all. I'm not 100% sure it didn't significantly harm my son. But my soapbox for another day. Our minds are powerful, more so than we know, I believe there is more than a pill that will cure ailment. I think everything in our body is connected and wonder when we will stop treating the symptoms of greater problems that can be attended to with dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and holistic practices. Again, soapbox.

    Proud of your thing, here to support you 100% Oh, and I think you're pretty great already.

  3. Congrats on your 100th post. I've been blogging since Jan 6 of this year and am on 93 so in a week I'll join you :)
    Love how you feel about your daughter.
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration


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