Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dear Serenity

Oh my girl, there just aren't words powerful enough to express what you mean to me and the profound way you have changed my life. Look how far we have come since that first night together.

You were perfect from the very beginning, and you have grown more beautiful with each passing day. Every day you make mommy laugh, and remind me that there is so much more beauty in life than ugliness. You are the heart that beats in my chest

The blood that pumps through my veins

You are silly and the sweetest little girl I have ever seen

You are and always will be Mommies little princess

My dreams for you are very clear, I want you to be happy Baby Girl, no matter what. Dream, always dream, and never let anyone take them away from you. You can be anything you want to be, a doctor, an artist, a million things. Follow your dreams, follow your passions, and mommy will always be there to help you, hug you, and lift you up when you need support.

You are my happy, Serenity, you are my world, you are the best thing in my life. Thank you for coming to me and giving me the privilege of being your momma. I will always work to be the best momma I can be for you, we may have rough times (your teenage years if you are anything like I was) but as long as we have each other Chicka we will make it through. I love you so, so very much!! Never ever forget that!


  1. ARe you going to make me cry every post? Not that I mind, they are beautiful. Still gotta catch up with C.

    I think you spoke from the heart of every mother in your words. And so important that we remember that and not take one moment for granted. Your post was a good reminder for me. Life can get so hurried and rushed that we forget to take the time to just stop and take them in, at that moment. Because that moment is fleeting.

    You are an amazing Momma. Serenity will be extraordinary because of you, because of your unconditional love for her. You're such an inspirations girl, love ya!

    1. Touche girl, my post made you cry and your comment brought me to tears. Thank you! That is exactly what I was saying, life is fleeting and I know she will only be little for a little while, I don't want to miss these moments, or take this time for granted. You are an amazing mom Cari, you really are! I can only imagine having two littles. My one keeps me running. :-) You have such a wonderful personality, and the biggest heart. We all have pull our hair out times, but having people like you to bond with even if it is just in the blogosphere (until the new years bash, lol) makes it easier to deal with. You have been a great friend to me, always reading my emails and blog. You are an inspiration to me as well!!


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