Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Carnival: Fun for all ages

Yeah about that, what it should say is "The Carnival: Fun for all ages, as long as you are over 36 inches". My new Beau (I promise a post on him very soon) and I took La-la to the carnival on Saturday. We were so excited!! We were going to take her on the spinning apple thingies, and we were all three going to ride the Ferris wheel. It had the round cars that took you up and around otherwise I wouldn't have even considered it. We stand in line for about 15 minutes waiting to get on the spinning apples, La-la has been mesmerized by them, watching them twirl around and listening to the kids laugh. We make it up to the ticket taker and I notice just off to the side a little sign that says you must be 36" to ride, not 36" with an adult, but 36" period. This sucks, I know for a fact that La-la is no where near 36" and if this kid doesn't do us a huge solid, we are not riding the apples. Well let's just say the solid didn't happen, he made me put her down in front of the sign, and as I already said, there was a huge gap between the top of her head and the 36" mark. Ugh, no go. We have to walk away with La-la craning her neck around to gaze wistfully back at those stupid apples, I could have cried. She didn't throw a fit, she didn't even whimper, I kid you not next year we are going to the fair and we are riding everything she wants to ride, and we are going to ride them till we're sick!

The only two things she was tall enough to ride were the merry-go-round and this train thing. The train she would have had to ride alone, not happening. I may be overprotective, but worst case scenario she freaks out and bawls the entire ride, can you say traumatizing. The merry-go-round was your standard horses on poles, the ticket taker here was much nicer! He let both me and my Beau ride with La-la. We popped her up on the horse and I took a crazy amount of coming soon, have to get them off my Cam......and she was so good about it. started to move, hahahahahaha, this thing went like a million and two miles an hour, I mean it was the fastest merry-go-round I had EVER seen. This sucker moved!! To her credit, aside from her eyes popping open to plate size, she handled it beautifully. When we first put her up there she was holding on with one hand, when it started going my girl grabbed that pole and didn't let go until it stopped, and even then I had to pry her fingers a bit, LOL.

That was the one and only ride we went on. Total bummer since we bought $20 worth of tickets and used two of them. We gave the rest to Beau's nephew. We went off and sat in a little field, and cozied up to watch the fireworks. My girl loves fireworks!! She gets so excited she can't sit still, she wants to run towards them. There was a fence, so I let her run around like a crazy person and expel some of her fabulous toddler energy. We stuffed ourselves with cotton candy and a humongous elephant ear :-)

Even though we really didn't get to ride the rides, and the night didn't turn out exactly like we wanted, it was truly a wonderful day spent with wonderful people. Most of our weekends have been like that. Spent with friends, taking leisurely walks down beautiful trails, swimming, and just relaxing in a non-hectic environment. I has been really nice. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and making some wonderful memories too!!

Hoping for some more relaxing days,

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  1. Yeah, yeah great summer...a WHA? A beau you say? I can't wait to hear! I hope he's good enough for you my dear. Glad to hear you're happy sweetie, you deserve it.


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