Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chasing Finger Paint

Chasing Creativity

Let me tell you, finger paint is hard to find! I searched. I googled in-store availability(which is worth approximately nothing, by the way). I went to four different stores, and finally when I was just about ready to give up, I found it. On the very bottom shelf I found one package Crayola finger paint tubes. Finally! I think every kid should have the opportunity to make a mess in finger paints. My little took that, and ran with it.....streaking finger paint the whole way, haha. No but really, I knew it would be messy, I really did. This was not messy, I don't actually think there is a word that accurately describes what my kid was with some paint.

I was smart, I brought her high chair into the bathroom. I laid a shower curtain under it, and even draped it over the counter, I know my child and at some point her painty hands were going to make her way to the counter. I was prepared. As it was her first time with finger paint, I figured the closer to the tub she was, the better. I swear sometimes I think I deserve a cape and some spandexy undies to show my super momness. I could not have been more right.

Things started off innocently enough.....
Checking it out, making sure it's safe :)

She gave me the funniest look when she stuck the first tentative finger in the blue. Like "What the hell is this stuff Mom, and why did you put it in front of me. Then she pulled her finger across the paper, and it was like a light bulb went off. You could see the thoughts running through her mind written all over her face, "messy, I can get messy". Hilarious. She lost her hesitancy and started mixing all of the colors, testing how blue would look with yellow.

What started out as fingers in paint soon turned into a full hand so covered in paint you couldn't see her skin.

Then, all hell broke loose, my sweet, innocent little chic became the paint monster in the blink of an eye. Oh holy crap, there was paint everywhere! And yes I am a genius! Three seconds after the "I can make a huge mess" revelation, came the "Hey let's paint on the counter" revelation (oh yeah I totally called it). 
See how fast it went from "Hmmm" to "Weeeeeeeeeee"
Guess who answered the "pretend" phone
She smacks her hand to the side of her face with the biggest smile and says, "He-yo". She absolutely won't put her hand down until you follow suit, put the "phone" to your ear and ask her how she has been or tell her you love her. it's hilarious!
Nom Nom Nom finger paint
Can't be 100% but from the look on her face, I'm thinking finger paint maybe looked a bit tastier than it actually was. Thanks to Cari over at Bubble Gum on my Shoe, I now have an edible finger paint recipe to try, watching my kid shove copious amounts of "non-toxic" paint in her mouth was a bit stressful. Thanks Cari!!

Needless to say she had a ball!! Cleanup was fairly easy, she went straight from the chair to the tub. :-)
All Clean :-)

After her bath we settled in for some cuddles and Blues Clues before bedtime. :-)

Chasing Sleep

I need some HELP fellow mommies. We are dealing with some of the worst teething issues since she started teething. The night screams, waking up every half hour angry and in pain. I feel so bad for my bubby, I have tried motrin (I hate medicating her), and baby orajel. Doesn't seem to be helping very much. I need some tried and true remedies, I need some suggestions, some advice, I need help!!!! I am sending out this call to all of you lovely mommies, please help me.

If you have any advice please leave it in a comment, in the topic in my community, or email me at Please help me, I haven't slept more than two hours a night in two weeks, she hasn't gotten much more than that. Cranky cubbie + cranky mommy = bad for business. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


  1. Hi there! First Off I want you to know that I love love loved that you commented on my blog The Great Letdown and are now following it! What a ham for little ones you have! Emma paints the same way :) Your comment was nice and lifting. Thanks a million! Hope to have a great friendship build here.


  2. Well good luck chica! Hope you get some shut-eye soon.

    Faux non-toxic fingerpaint can also be done with vanilla pudding and food coloring if you dare. Smells good too;)

  3. I love making new friends! I think that is part of why I love to blog so much, I have met some of the most amazing moms and dads! She is a total ham, lol, cracks me up! I love to be there as she discovers new things and develops her own set of likes and interests. I am really looking forward to reading more of your blog Megan!

  4. That is a fantastic idea Cari! Thanks for the tip, on the paint and the teething! I never thought to use pudding, then I wouldn't have to worry so much about her eating it, which if it's on her hands it is eventually going in her mouth. Thank you again! Heading over to read your latest now! :-)

  5. Aw, the finger painting is so cute and so fun and SO messy!! :) She is having a ball!

    I've heard teething necklaces work wonders but have never tried them myself. I'm definitely interested in finding out more... though it would mean my poor little boy looking like such a hippy baby. :) If it works though...............!

  6. Hi Angel, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Finger painting looks fun, I should try that with my Monkey!

    As to teething, I hear a little Tylenol helps. Though you did mention not wanting medication. In the daytime, I gave my little one a clean wet cloth that I had refrigerated, to chew on. It helped a lot! Massaging her gums should also help. Good luck! Teething sucks.

  7. Aww what a sweetie!! Finger painting is so much fun.. miss the time my kids were small and enjoyed that...


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