Friday, August 27, 2010

Where has the time gone......

Can you believe this?? How has it been 10 months already? I can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that my little Buddha is going to be a year old in just a few short months. It is absolutely amazing how much has changed since she was born. From the first time I held her, staring down at this beautiful little stranger and wondering how the hell I was going to be able to do this. To now, watching her cruise along the furniture, playing pat-a-cake, and developing into the funniest little person I have ever met. Seeing how smart she is, and how fast she is learning is a great gift. She has opened up my heart, filling a void I wasn't even aware I possessed. So on that note I would love to share some pictures of the most beautiful, amazing little person I have ever seen.
Our first night together :-)
Two weeks old with such beautiful wise eyes
Really mom?! More pictures? LOL
I love this picture!
I miss her being so tiny!
She already has the puppy dog eyes down pat, she is asking to play with my cell phone, haha.
First time on a swing, she had a blast!
The kissy face, lol, it's hilarious!!
Yeah, she's not a camera ham or anything, lol
Yeah, I know I'm cute. :-P
Me and my heart :-)

There she is, the best part of me. :-D Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Angel, she is just too precious! And they grow up so fast. (=

  2. oh angel, "your heart" is so precious! i especially LOVE that forth photo down... and yes, she sure does have the puppy dog eyes nailed already! (watch out mommy!!) and really, the kissy face? LOVE. oh, it's so fun to watch them grow, isn't it? it really helps to make the challenges and the day-to-day WORK of raising babies worth it, doesn't it?? the are amazing.


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