Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Mayor of CrabTown

I haven't had time to post in several days, Baby Girl has had a vicious cold and is not at all impressed with it. I feel so bad, she feels cruddy and doesn't know what to do with herself. I have had an extremely impatient, fidgety, fussy 9month old on my hands. Being a single parent with a sick child is awful. She has been mad at me since the first dose of medicine I had to give her, and won't take anything from me now. It's almost like she is afraid I am going to try and sneak more medicine in her mouth. The medicine is a battle, but the nights have been hell.
   Three in the morning she wakes up pissed, I bring her in to sleep in my bed. Yeah I know I'm not supposed to but when she is sick I pretty much giver her anything she wants. So I lay her down, she freaks out. I try to giver her the paci, she actually slaps it away in her sleep(see what I mean about being mad with me, lol). I try to nurse her, that goes over for about a minute and then she is back to being super pissed. I know she wants her paci, but she'll be damned if she is going to let my hand get close enough to her mouth to pop it in there. I pick her up and we set to pacing all through the house, doing anything I can to calm her. Nothing doing. So we come back in the bedroom, and I try again to nurse her, nope. I try the paci, no chance. It is now 10 to five in the morning and I am very close to pulling my hair out. My frustration has hit levels it has never seen before, of course I am not frustrated with her. I am frustrated in myself, why can't I calm her down, what am I doing wrong, my poor sick baby is suffering and I can't help. Wow, I really thought I had left the feelings of inadequacy behind with my raging post-pregnancy hormones, but apparently not. So I stop, take a breath and relax, knowing my chaotic brain isn't going to help her feel secure and calm. She is tossing and turning, laying in the most awkward positions possible, and still freaking out. I lay out a plan of attack, sticking my hand out almost all the way to her mouth and pausing, waiting for my opportunity. She flips over onto her back and moves her hands from her face. Finally! In one swift move I pop the paci into her mouth and jerk my hand back as quickly as possible, then I hold my breath. She fidgets for a minute and then I hear nothing but steady breathing. Nothing has ever sounded so good, the amount of relief I felt when I heard that heavy sigh that signals sleep was unbelievable. Just knowing she was comfortable and getting some rest was enough to make my eyes well up a bit. I am becoming such a sap when it comes to her.

So another reason I haven't been on is I am doing a slight overhaul on my blog. I will be hosting(trying to anyway) a daily meme. I hope to provide helpful, fun information, as well as a place to meet new people to follow, and gain some new followers too. I have been working on putting together some topics that I have not seen before, for example I will have "Tip Trade Tuesdays" where all of you wonderful savvy moms can swap tips on cooking, parenting, and finding time for yourselves(something I am not currently very good at), etc.... I will also be doing "Feed Your Soul Friday", I am a single mommy, me time is scarce to say the least. I would like to focus at least one day to taking a break to do something for myself, even if all that means is a hot bubble bath, or reading a few chapters in a book. I will be launching it this Friday, hopefully, and would love to hear what you all do to help you relax and unwind. I do hope to see you all there, and will give more details once I have it set up. :-) I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!


  1. Hi Angel, i came by to thank you for following my blog. i'm now following you too...:) Too bad about the cold. will be praying for her recovery.

  2. Stop by Mom-a-Logues to claim your BLOG AWARD!! :)

    Have a nice weekend.



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