Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleepy cuddles and backyard adventures

It was a stormy, yucky weather week here in Michigan, which translates to my little cubby climbing the walls. She wants to go outside, she wants to go to the park, she brought me her shoes more than once. In fact she was so determined to go outside, she figured out how to get her galoshes on all by herself (got them on the right feet and everything)!
Can you say proud Momma!

I was blown away when she walked around the corner with her boots on!

So really, after that, who am I to tell her we can't go outside. It was cold too, not frigid, but cold enough that if the wind hit you just right (and it was a 40 mile an hour gust day) it was rather unpleasant. Yet I just couldn't tell her no. Well actually I did tell her no, at first, and this is what she thought of it.......
Me being the Mom that I am, figured if I bundled her up and we didn't stay out too long it wouldn't kill us to go outside. So we did. We layered, booted up, and adventured out into the cold wet for some fun. She had a blast jumping in the puddles and chasing bubbles.
I think those rain boots may just top the list of fave purchases for my little adventurer
 We have a fairly large yard, and after the thunderstorm the night before, there were puddles, and mud everywhere. It took her about a minute and a half to get her pants untucked from her boots and wet.

 She walks around checking everything out, climbing up the little hills, and playing the drums on the "gazing Balls" that are actually painted bowling balls, lol. They are heavy enough to not fall, and when they do fall they don't break. She tries to sing the tune to the ABC's song, which makes me laugh at her cleverness.

Everything was going great, she was having a wonderful time, until her boot got stuck in the mud and she fell on her butt in the biggest puddle she could find. Then she was cold, wet, and pissed! So we packed it up and headed inside. I knew she was cold when she didn't put up a fuss about going in. She is a really wonderful, happy little girl, that on rare occasion has the nuclear "give me what I want" tantrum down to a science. No tantrum this time though, her butt must have been frozen. Poor kid. So we went in, got snuggly, and cuddled up to watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Have I mentioned that Mickey Mouse is seriously the greatest thing ever? It has the power to stop a tantrum cold......that is some amazing stuff. We spent the rest of our evening cuddled up, she fell asleep on me (be still my heart).
All in all, minus the cold behind, it was a great day. I am so looking forward to warmer, dryer weather, and more adventures with my little chic.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!

I am super excited to be able to link up with Casey over at One Day at a Time
 She has a link up each week called Momma in Focus, and I finally have a picture to link up with! :-) I do not consider myself photogenic in the least, so pictures of me are few and far between, I don't want my cubbie to get older and me realize that I have no pictures of US. So I am taking this challenge, to take pictures and make memories with my little. Thank you Casey! 

One Day At A Time

So here is my submission, this week was a freebie so I chose one of our pics from our adventures outside.

Me and my girl, Serenity the Explorer lol :-)


  1. YAY! what a cute photo of y'all together! i also live in michigan (down close to the IN border) and have NOT been enjoying the crazy weather lately. sundresses one day and snow the next! have a wonderful easter!

  2. Great job getting in a picture with your sweetie this week momma!! IT isn't an easy challenge so every time you accomplish it is awesome!! I can't believe you still have snow! It's been in the 70's the past few weeks in NC thank goodness. I was so over winter. However; we never got a fun snow so seeing these pics makes me kinda miss that;0. She looks so cute all bundled up in her snow gear but, big, glad Mickey cheered her up;0 Happy Easter weekend friend!

  3. you are raising a strong woman!
    puddles and mud are the best play things for kids.
    your little chica is beautiful. Your post-adventure photo is so peaceful an hot chocolaty.

  4. I love the photos of her exploring outside--so cute! And that photo of the two of you cuddling is adorable!

  5. So cute! I just bought rain boots for my kids and I LOVE them!

  6. Sweet picture! Every year galoshes are a must purchase item. And they make such darn cute ones! Have a. Happy Easter!

  7. Cute pics. I love the "Mom just told me No" face. :) very familiar look at my house.
    New follower from Not So Moody Monday hop. Please visit Mom Always Finds Out when you can. Thanks!

  8. What a cutie! Thanks for visitin Tales From the Nursery - following you back on GFC & Twitter.

    I know what you mean about the weather - we're in Wisconsin :)

  9. What a little sweetheart, you must be so proud!! I’m now a GFC follower from The Middle Matters blog hop. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog and maybe follow me back!!

  10. Thanks girl! I am following you back.. I didn't know which page to stumble but this little cutie deserved to be stumbled.. enjoy with your sweet bundle of joy.. it's so hot here in Texas take some from us please..!! :) we would love to get some cold weather coming our way..

  11. What a cutie. I remember those years with my son. They were some of the best years of my life. Treasure them!! Thanks for visiting me at Gently Mad. I'm stumbling and following you as well.


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