Friday, April 29, 2011

Linkey's, Stumbles, and Hops.......Oh My!!!!

I have been BUSY this week, as you can clearly see my "busy" didn't stem from writing award-winning, informative pieces for my blog. Nope, I have spent this week taking part in blog hops, linking up in different linkeys, and Stumbling as many blogs as I could. So much so that I forgot to make sure that all of the traffic I was trying to generate actually had something to read when they got here (In case you were wondering, and I know you were there will be 2 links at the bottom of this post, I can't help myself).  There are evenings that by the time I get little bit into bed I have 3000 e-mails, and about an hours worth of focus to get through them all. After that I have to read and reread the same sentence 7 times before it finally registers. This is no good, and definitely not a good way to retain information.

Then I have nights where I am just going to check my email and then go to bed. Three and a half hours later, my eyes are red from staring at the computer screen, and I am exhausted, I once again got lost on the web. How does this happen you ask.......I'm sure I am not the only one that this happens to, you are expecting an email, maybe important, maybe just anticipated, you read said email and then figure one or two more won't take too long. Besides your inbox is getting rather full and could use a good de-junking. While you are innocently cleaning you inbox you happen to notice that one of your favorite blogs has a new post, or even better, someone has left a comment on your blog. Oooh Yay!! Everyone loves getting comments, it is validating, people like you and want to tell you what a rockstar writer you are. :-D "Okay" you say to yourself "there's no harm in opening just one"...........and three and a half hours later, there you sit. Bleary-eyed and exhausted, because when you opened that email, you just had to return the favor, and go comment on their equally amazing rockstar blog, it's etiquette don't you know.  While commenting you see a comment made by someone else, you laugh, now you have to go check out their blog, and so on, and so on. Now you have 42 tabs open, because we all know if we close one we will never find it again............dun dun duuun(cue scary music). You look over and realize that not only did you get hopelessly lost in the sticky web of the blogosphere, it is now 4 hours passed your intended bedtime, your child will be up in roughly 2 hours, if you're lucky,  and you have to work. You. Are. Screwed. All because you were trying to be good and clean out your email, le sigh, it is terribly hard being a rockstar blogger............

Now for my linkeys:

One Day At A Time
 I am linking up with Momma in Focus again this Friday, Little Bit and I had a wonderful and relaxed Easter, it was great! This is not what I was hoping for when I busted out the camera for some Easter picks but she wasn't in the mood for major mommy paparazzi so I took what I could get. LOL

Next is the Welcome to the Weekend Blog Hop :-D Hosted by Makobi Scribe and Jamie's Precious Peas
Love these ladies for hosting this wonderful hop, and all of the others too, that they do every week. It takes a lot of time and it is truly appreciated! Check them out, leave them some comment love



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