Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's Random Tidbit

Formula 303 Maximum Strength Natural Muscle Relaxant - 250 tablets for $29.95 and Specials !!!

I don't know about you, but I can absolutely use something to help me relax at times. There are just some days that are so chaotic that I have a hard time shutting my brain up. Not to mention the tight muscles and fybromyalgia pain from carting a 9 month old around all day. Fybromyalgia sucks, I have lived with it for a very long time, but somehow never really get used to how bad it can get. Now though it hurts, sometimes unbearably, I really can't take anything. I can't afford to try to take care of my little girl with a foggy brain. That just isn't ok. So I searched for something natural and talked to my chiropractor about what my options were. He showed me this product one day and told me I should try it. I went into it honestly not expecting much from it, most products turn out to be worthless crap. So the first couple of times I took it, always at night, I tried to keep an open mind. The first time I took it I felt a little bit more relaxed and kind of sleepy. After a few days of using it I noticed that my muscles did feel more relaxed and I was sleeping better. I know this sounds like a testimonial, and it's not, I just really love that I found something that doesn't give me that high feeling and actually works. So that's my random tidbit of the day. :-) Have a great weekend!!


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  3. Try melatonin too at night. It's great stuff. Natural sleep inducer and you wake up feeling just fine.



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