Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So the holiday passed with no real drama, thankfully. I don't really know what it is about my family but we somehow never make it through a holiday without at least one person being in a total crap mood. My poor dad is always calm and cool, trying to keep everyone happy and it just never works. I, having inherited my dads temperament(mostly), usually just try to stay out of the way. Sometimes it works, sometimes I end up have to sit and listen to everybody's account of why they are pissed, it's so much fun I would NOT rather be peeling my fingernails off, lol. This fourth of July was really nice actually. My brothers in-laws came up from Pennsylvania and stayed a few days. It is usually super stressfully when people come, the fact that they stayed in a hotel and nobody had to give up their bed probably has something to do with why it wasn't so stressful. They were really nice people and everyone got along wonderfully, it was nice.

As it turns out, baby girl is not a big fan of fireworks, which was expected but still sucked a bit. I missed out on seeing them and more importantly, lighting them. I am a total pyro, lol, it will be more fun when she is a bit older. Not that I am hurrying the process. Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful fourth!! Have a great week!

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